Latest News around the Clubs

Special Annual General Meeting

A Special AGM has been called to fill vacancies on the TLSC Committee. Two vacancies exist, one for the remaining period to the next AGM in November 2021, and one for a position until November 2022.

If you are interested in joining the TLSC Committee please look at the details and Nomination forms on the Special AGM page and also have a read of the information on the About page for some background on what we do.

Football back and running, Tennis on the go and Basketball on the comeback.

Congratulations to the Football Committee and helpers for getting this season underway. A difficult task given all the issues flowing on from last year.

Similarly, Tennis are now functioning at a high level and Basketball, who ran a limited Summer Season, now look like moving towards a much more normal Winter season. Good work by all concerned.

Details of each Clubs current status can be found on their individual website pages.

Covid Impact

The various Clubs have managed the ongoing Covid impacts very well. Thank you to all the Committee members, helpers and doers around the Clubs. There is still a long way to go over the next few seasons to recover the ground that has been lost. Even though we have done well to date, actually restarting and getting back to normal will still take some time and will be economically difficult. The impact of Covid is not over yet.

New Signage

The Club is updating our Signage to reflect the new name and appearance to the local community. See the current suggestions on the link on our AGM info page.

Budget Impacts on our Club

The Victorian State Budget has identified spending of 7.5M at the Primary School and 2.3M at the Secondary College. Both may impact on our Club. The Primary School upgrades include the commencement of work on an indoor competition capable gym – what we have been working for with our Basketball Club (assisted by Football in particular) over the last 4 years or so with discussion held with the TLPS, Council and most importantly Natalie Hutchins MP. We need to thank Natalie for her support on this issue over those years and the positive news to date. See the Press Release from Natalie here..

We will keep you updated on details of these upgrades as they become know to us.