Current Committee

November 2019 to November 2020

Ian RobsonPresidentNovember 2020
Troy EllisVice PresidentNovember 2020
Wendy D’SouzaTreasurerNovember 2020
John RumbelowSecretaryNovember 2021
Jack TamerCommitteeNovember 2020
Rob CurranCommitteeNovember 2021
Rob ArnoldCommitteeNovember 2020
Michael StephensCommitteeNovember 2021
Rick Dal BonCommitteeNovember 2021
VACANTCommitteeNovember 2021

Each Committee Position is held for two years from Election at the AGM.  The Committee is divided into two with half of the Committee being up for election in any given year.

Executive Positions are determined at the first Committee Meeting following the AGM, usually the December meeting and are held for one year at a time.

Persons retiring from the Committee after serving two years are eligible to re nominate after each term if they so wish.