Providing the Local Community with facilities for Basketball, Aussie Hoops, Cricket, Cricket Junior Blasters, Football, Auskick, Netball, Tennis, Tennis Hot Shots, Garden Club, Social Golf, Social Club.

Details of each club and their sporting and social activites can be found on the individual Club pages via the Club Logo link.

Please do not hesitate to make contact with the Sport of your choice or all of them.  Our Clubs are always looking for community minded people to help out and get involved and we pride ourselves on our Clubs being family friendly.

We are a Good Sports Level 3 Accredited Club.


WHO ARE WE? The Taylors Lakes Sporting Club Inc. was formed out of the Taylors Lakes Residents Association. The Residents Association was established to give feedback to the Bond Corporation during the development of the suburb in the early 1980’s on such issues as road and park development. The Residents Association were the driving force behind the establishment of the fledgling Tennis Club and the Garden Club. The Garden Club held regular prize nights for garden development in the new suburb in an attempt to develop a level of community pride and spirit.

As the area developed, and with the demise of the Bond Corporation, the Residents Group became involved in the development of sporting facilities and became the Taylors Lakes Recreation Club, becoming an incorporated association in 1984.

In 2020 the name of the club was changed to the Taylors Lakes Sporting Club by majority vote at the 2019 members AGM as it was determined the word Sporting had more relevance to the current form of the club.

The individual sporting and social sections of the Sporting Club (the clubs) are sub divisions of the Sporting Club under the Rules of the Incorporated Association. All members of the sub divisions are legally members of the Sporting Club and all assets of the sub divisions are the property of the Sporting Club.

WHAT DO WE DO? The Sporting Club Committee is the governing body managing the governance and financial areas of the overall organisation and consists of up to 10 persons elected from financial members within the sporting or social divisions of the organisation.  It also acts as a judicial body in relation to any disputes that arise within or between the clubs that cannot be managed by the clubs own committees. The Sporting Club Committee rarely gets involved in the day to day operations of the clubs.  A position on the Sporting Club Committee is for a period of two years, with half of the Committee positions being up for election each year and the other half continuing for a further year.  This structure ensures as much consistency and stability in the governance and policy implementation of the organisation as possible.

The clubs each have their own committee of management.  Therefore there is an individual President, Secretary, Vice-President, Treasurer and Committee Members for each club.  It is these committee’s that manage the season by season, day by day, running of the clubs and are responsible for all aspects of making a club function in a sustainable and appropriate manner at the operational level.

The Sporting Club does not interfere in the day to day management of the clubs unless it becomes apparent that financial, legal or ethical issues have arisen within an individual club; however issues are often brought to the Sporting Club Committee from the clubs for advice or direction.

The Sporting Club also maintains an overview of development across the whole organisation and actively works to keep a group focus rather than a focus on an individual sport or interest.



We are located at 36 Lionheart Ave, Taylors Lakes. Melways Map 13 Ref: H13

Please email the Secretary TLSC – “secretary@tlsc.asn.au”  if you require further information.